Zoroastrians of Yazd and their tourism sites

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A part from existence of different climates in Iran, it has been the host of different religion during the history and these days has some followers from different religion in itself. Because of this reason we can observe the different customs in different parts of Iran that it comes back to a long history of being variety of beliefs in this ancient country. Zoroastrians are one of these religions that one of the most important cities of Iran that has considerable community of Zoroastrians in itself is Yazd. Yazd by having fire temple, tower of silences, old houses by the style of Zoroastrian architecture, and also the center of education and residence of Zoroastrians in some parts of Yazd, is so famous in Iran and each year this city is one of the first destinations of internal travelers and tourists in the World.

Tower of silence

There are more than 7 tower of silences in Yazd that one of the best samples of them that could be kept out of destroying is located in Yazd and it is called Golestan. Golestan tower of silence consists of two towers. About 50 years ago and before that the Zoroastrians by caring the corpses at the top of the tower and leaving them there to let the vultures to eat them, they did the special funeral.

The tower of silence of Yazd is consisting of 2 towers, a water reservoir (it was used by carriers after finishing the funeral and also it was used in their memorial ceremonies that were operated each year for remembering their pasts), a fire temple (the center of gathering and playing their ceremonies), several rooms for residence of different groups and tribes from different villages of Yazd, that each group has their own room, these rooms are called Khileh or Kheileh in Zoroastrian language), a washing place and also an especial place near the tower at the top that is called Sag-did. This room is the holder of a Dog that before living the corpse inside of the tower, it was examined by the dog in an especial way and then by assuring that there is not any hope for making the corpse back to the World, it was left in tower.

 About 50 years ago by spreading the city and because of fear feeling of vultures from humans, this way of funeral was abandoned by itself and nowadays, Zoroastrians of Yazd follow the same way of Muslims in funeral just by some differences, because they believe that earth, water, air and fire are the four sacred elements and they should not be polluted under any circumstances.

Other towers of silence of Yazd are located in Cham (a village in Taft), Zarch, Ardakan and etc.

 Visiting time of Yazd tower of silence is from 8:00 am to 18:30 pm.

Entrance fee of Yazd tower of silence is 15000 tooman or about 3 USD


Fire temple

Fire temple of Zoroastrians of Yazd is one of the most prominent Zoroastrian sites of Iran by having the fire by the antiquity of 1500 years, that one day it was made and never the fire guards did not let it to off. So because of that, it is so important for Zoroastrians and also so interesting for visitors. There were the three important fire temple in Iran about 1500 years ago and in Sassanid era in Fars, Khorasan and Azerbaijan that after Arabs conquer and destroying all Zoroastrians traces, the fire of Fars fire temple tried to be kept alive against rest of the fire that were off. So in about 1400 years the high rank of Zoroastrians by keeping the fire in different caves in Aqdah and Ardakan, after all they could transfer that in one of the houses of Zoroastrians in Yazd and by getting the authorization of building a fire temple in Yazd about 85 years ago, it was carried to the fire temple and from that time it has become so important for the Zoroastrians from all around the World.

Visiting time of Fire temple is from 8:00 am to 11:30 am and from 16:00 to 20:00 pm.

Entrance fee of Fire temple is 15000 tooman or about 3 USD



Seh Nik house

Seh Nik house is one of the Zoroastrian houses of Yazd that is restored by one of the Yazdian Zoroastrians and it was changed to Hotel for several years. This action from this Yazdian Zoroastrian let the travellers to reside and stay in one of the Zoroastrian houses of Yazd. This house was appreciated for man times by tourists who stay even one night in this traditional house.

The name of this hotel in She Nik, that means three good. Zoroastrians have three slogans that in all their life have tried to follow that. These three slogans are good dead, good speaking and good thought.

This house is consist of 18 rooms by different style and also 2 yards. The owner of this hotel, Mr. Nahid has tried to use the ancient Persian names for making them alive and also to make travelers, passengers and tourists known by some of the Ancient Persian names like, Ariobarzan, Cyrus, Darius, Kaveh, Gashtaasb, Roudabeh, Esfandiar, Give and etc



Markar complex

Markar complex consist of elementary school, high school and nursery. It was built by one of the benefactors of Zoroastrians named Pashtan Jeij Dosabaei who was one of the Persians of India. This complex started to work about 84 years ago. These days it is changed to museum of history and culture of Zoroastrians of Yazd.

Visiting time Markar complex is from 15:30 to 19:30 pm.

Chak Chak

Chak Chak is a name of fire temple of Zoroastrians in Yazd that is located in Ardakan. This temple has a beautiful story that is carved inside of the temple. For reaching this temple you need to walk more than 200 steps up. Chak Chak in Farsi means drop drop and it comes back to dropping water from the ceiling of temple. Because there is a small lake on the roof of the temple and is filled by the water of raining. Each year Zoroastrians of all around the World gather here in 14 to 18 June for celebrating and visiting and also solving their own problems if there is.

Visiting time of Chak Chak is from 8:00 am to 18:30 mp.

Entrance fee of Chak Chak is 5000 tooman or about 1 USD



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